The Return of the Horde tournament scheduled for September 25!


DaddyDeath is back with a new player tournament! Dubbed The Return of the Horde, it’s a 5v5, single-elimination Field Battle contest due to be streamed live on September 25. Interested parties can check out the rules and signup right now (until September 18) via the Death Games Tournament Discord channel.

Characteristic of one of DaddyDeath’s events, there are some interesting limitations to ensure the action is raw and visceral. Teams are limited to one of each melee weapon type, for example, and only Rustic and (some) Feudal Era units can be fielded. There’ll be no hiding behind 5-star units in this tournament!


2nd place

3rd place

1st Place Flag

2,300 Sovereigns

30-days Premium Account

2nd Place Flag

1,100 Sovereigns

30-days Premium Account


3rd Place Flag

525 Sovereigns

7-days Premium Account

10,000 Silver

IMPORTANT: Due to the way the Tournament Server is administered, players must have a MY.GAMES account to be considered as a contestant. Steam players can create one here.