Winners announced: The Conquerors of Season III


As we approach the decisive stage of Season IV, with houses and alliances preparing to assault the Conqueror’s City once more, it’s an apt time to reflect on Season III’s summer campaign. Now that the war scholars have completed their battlefield investigations, we are at last able to celebrate those that succeeded in claiming the ultimate prize, but who did so by taking the honourable path to victory!


EU East: Government in Exiles

On what is now the Steppes server (RU), it was KingdomExiles that won Season II and TROYNICHOK that eventually took the city to secure the Season III title. On the roster of both alliances, however, was a familiar executor - Exiles - a house known for being at the centre of many famous victories.

Exiles’ plan for the season was a simple one: assemble the finest heroes and take the Conqueror’s City as soon as possible in order to have the advantage of defending it. By all accounts, the plan was executed with consummate precision, with TROYNICHOK controlling not only the city but its gate fiefs as well!   

Exiles is also known for enduring long periods of inactivity after its successes, which it appears to be in the midst of as we await the climax of season IV. As late as it is, however, we won’t yet be discounting Exiles from attempting a third consecutive seasonal victory.


North America: Kingdom of Heaven

There were effectively two major alliances battling for dominance on the NA server: the winners of Season II, Defiance, who became increasingly embattled with the soon-to-be champions of Season III, HeavenlyKingdom. “We were evenly matched in most respects,” said the winning liege. “We fought in every fief near the Conqueror's City in order to gain an advantage and the war became very brutal when both sides ignored the cost. They [Defiance] brought us some very challenging fights within the Conqueror's City as well.”

Preparations for Season III were laid down long before the campaign began, with the building of a coalition designed to fulfil one goal: take the Conqueror's City and successfully hold it until the end. “That’s an achievement, but our bigger achievement was our unity. We successfully united all the people to fight for a common goal because we all had the desire to win; to take the city.”


EU West: Hare apparent

Of all the houses in all the severed realms of Conqueror’s Blade, Wererabbits and their Friendly allies are perhaps the closest of all to establishing a hegemony. For Season III, the plan was simple: to secure the local region quickly to be able to start crafting for the battles ahead. “If you cannot get the correct locations for siege crafting you are automatically put at a disadvantage on everything else,” said a representative.

As for securing the Conqueror’s City, the Friendly alliance was able to swiftly take the fief from under the noses of its rivals by launching an assault just when those of other houses seemed to falter. A case of being in the right place at the right time.

“We were happy to win the Conqueror's City again, [especially] whilst having the other top alliances team up to try and stop it happening again.” Now, we wait to see if Friendly can be the first alliance to secure three seasons in a row!


EU West 2: The lost season

While battles for the capital city on the Sicania (EU2) server were just as intense and bloody as elsewhere, in the end it was chaos and ruin that emerged with the crown. Victory celebrations were cancelled as Alliance forces were unceremoniously ejected from the city by the civil authorities, requiring a coalition of legionnaires to ride in and restore order.

The city is again quiet, bracing itself for more battles and hoping for a more favourable outcome at the conclusion of Season IV: Blood of the Empire.


Congratulations to all those that fought with integrity during Season III, especially those won the keys to the Conqueror’s City. Their achievements will be forever remembered, alongside the Conquerors of Season II.