Even after a bumpy start, our closed Winter Mayhem phase has been so much fun, and has generated so much useful feedback for the development team, that we don’t really want things to end! There were some issues that crept up on us on the first day that we’re still working hard to sort out, including Steam access problems. We really appreciate everyone’s help to diagnose the problems, it helped us get things fixed and we’re continuing to have all hands on deck.

So we’ve decided the testing is not going to end - at least, not yet! We’ll be firing up the servers for another four days, keeping the Conqueror’s Blade slay ride on course until late Sunday night (or the early hours of Monday morning, depending on where you happen to be in the world). What this means is that you now have a good excuse for avoiding all that unpleasant gift shopping. You’re welcome!

Check out the updated Winter Mayhem details here and note that, as with the last three days (and unlike the first two), this impromptu four-day extension will remain limited to pre-order pack owners and veterans of the first two Siege Tests. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the action. A pre-order pack is all you need to enjoy the last days of testing before gaining access to closed beta testing early next year.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined us, not only during the last week but in previous tests and in all our activities over the last couple of months. It’s been a hell of a ride to finish off the year, and the good news is that we’re only really getting started.


The Winter Mayhem event is going to be extended for 4 more days - December 20 - December 23 (Thursday - Sunday)

  • Time slots are going to remain the same!

The following changes will be configured to improve the experience:

  • We will add the ability to instantly heal units after battles (and give out more silver in order to do this)
  • We will set the level of all newly created characters to level 30
  • We will give all newly created characters the books which allows you to learn your class skills (You’ll be able to find this in your inventory)
  • We will swap one of the maps for a new one!

New Missions!

Additionally, for some added fun, we have some new missions for everyone to compete in! The missions are:

  • Score as many victories as you can
  • Kill as many enemy units as you can
  • Kill as many enemy warlords as you can

The Top 10 people in each of these categories will receive 1 month of premium time during our open beta test.

We will announce the top 10 lists after the end of the Winter Mayhem when all the dust settles and the bodies are counted.

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