Season IV: A Burning Shore


Narrowly defeated, the bulk of the Sicanian forces fall back across the water, leaving only a small rearguard to protect the dawn retreat. Now, all that stands between the Sultan’s ships linking up with forces besieging the city are the chain booms and coastal batteries guarding the straits - which the Sicanian remnant will be expected to range for.

Instead of boarding their ships and sailing north, however, the Anadolou troops begin felling trees. The bemused Sicanian observers soon discover why, as the stripped down trunks and almost all of the enemy units are set to work heaving the great warships across dry land, in what would seem an attempt to avoid the city’s defences.

Sensing a great opportunity, the stranded Sicanian units signal for reinforcements. If they can destroy the Anadolou ships while they are at their most vulnerable, and the Sultan’s forces while they are preoccupied with moving them, there’s a chance the peninsula can be recaptured. Ahead of the war’s most decisive battle, the odds would be close to even…

In the latest battle to secure Reginopolis - the game’s first Escort battle, accessible from the matchmaking Battle Screen - we find out that the Sultan of Anadolou landed his forces to the south of the peninsula to avoid heavy losses from any coastal defences to the east.

His bold plan to drag ships across the land rather than sail them around it, however, is also a dangerous one. Their crews are vulnerable while they painstakingly push each ship forward, requiring constant protection. Simultaneously, the Anadolou force must secure and hold a series of capture points ahead of the first ship so that precious forward momentum can be maintained.

If those navigating the ship are slain, or the territory in their path is lost, the whole tide of the campaign to capture Reginopolis could turn. This would threaten the so-called Golden Fleet with a most ignominious end. Having laid siege to Reginopolis for much of the season and fought so hard to seize the peninsula, defeat now could change the entire trajectory of the Sultan’s campaign, his reign and even his legacy.