Scribe Week: Enjoy 40% discounts, 50% Glory boost, and more!


For the next seven days, we are celebrating scribes! These unsung heroes of the battlefield dedicate their sharp minds to documenting, educating, and informing the world of fierce battles and heroic deeds!! Until 23:00 CEST September 3, you can enjoy 40% off select in-game items, a 50% boost to Glory, access to hair dyes, and an exclusive FREE banner that you can take to the battlefield to champion the enduring power of words!

40% Discount: The following items are discounted in-game and in the MY.GAMES Market during Scribe Week:

Vault Key

Unit Training Plan

Personal Storage Expansion

10-Battle Hero XP Card

Scribal Service

Personal History

10-Battle Unit XP Card

Horse Trough

New Identity Document

Expansion Permit

Cross-region Migration Token

Martial Arts Manuscript

50% Glory boost: Season IV is nearing a decisive stage in which Glory, used to determine your Nobility Rank and Seasonal Rewards, is in high demand. All matchmaking battles played during Scribe Week will earn you 50% extra Glory to help you reach the limits of your potential! 

Hair dyes: Limited-edition hair dyes are available from the in-game Store for 200 Sovereigns each. Be quick, as they will be withdrawn from sale at the end of Scribe Week!

FREE banner: Available from August 27 is the new Scriptorium Banner. You can claim the first for FREE from the MY.GAMES Market, with additional banners available to buy until Scribe Week ends on September 3.

Finally, if you’re eager to indulge your scribal instincts, you can start a war of words by entering our writing contest. You could emerge victorious with Sovereigns and Premium Account time!