Producer Update: August 18, 2020


I hope you’re all keeping cool this summer! Between the launch of Season IV: Blood of the Empire, welcoming Turkish players to Conqueror’s Blade, and the currently-active Ready Player Sun events, the battlefield is on fire. In my last Producer Update, I asked you to send any questions you had about the game over to our lovely Community team on Discord, and you didn’t disappoint!

Here’s a new round of questions and answers, with more to come very soon…


Are there any plans to introduce new regions?

We are definitely considering adding new regions to the world, and we’re currently discussing the possibility of introducing new land within the open world later this year with Booming Games. However, adding new regions creates a whole new realm of challenges, and thus requires a lot of work and major events connected to it. We are also discussing modifications to the existing world.


Are patches mostly informed by players’ feedback from Booming Games’ version of Conqueror’s Blade rather than the feedback of the MY.GAMES community, and if so, what is the producer's opinion on this matter?

Balancing changes are applied based on performance across both the MY.GAMES and Booming Games versions of the game, across all territories. We listen to all player feedback and provide regular reports, based on which action is taken when applicable.

However, there are certain differences between versions, such as the lack of Epic and Legendary Doctrines on the MY.GAMES version (which was a deliberate move to avoid pay-to-win mechanics in our version). On that note, we are actually working to bring these Doctrines to everyone, but in a manner that preserves a fair gameplay experience.

Our patches are dependent on the Booming Games version to a great extent, but only to ensure that players across the world are mostly experiencing the same game. Having patches live on the Booming Games version of Conqueror’s Blade first allows for initial, extensive testing in a live environment (this is often the case for live games). Then, we work to bring a final, improved product to players of the MY.GAMES version, including our dedicated in-game localisation, which we believe is an essential and crucial element of our players’ enjoyment of the game.


What are the plans for future Doctrines?

We’re planning to bring out more in the future! Adjustments are frequently made to Doctrines and their methods of acquisition, so we aim to bring them to our players when they are fully ready for implementation in our version of the game.


What measures do you have in place to ensure that Territory Wars is fair for all players?

We are actively working on this topic with Booming Games, as the Territory Wars abuse by some houses is quite apparent and present on all servers. Unsportsmanlike practices, including exploiting systems to block siege access to a fief, are clearly abusive and it deeply saddens us that we have players who believe that this is acceptable behaviour.

Redesigning the systems to prevent this will take time, but we are working with our Customer Support and Community Management teams to dispense appropriate punishments to everyone involved - including retroactive offences. However, this process is also very time consuming as we have to work with individual reports of such abuse. Holding groups accountable for the actions of a few is not ideal, but we are also considering such options as groups and their members often benefit from this abuse, and have done nothing to prevent it or avoid participating in it.

Any group punishments regarding the abuse of exploits will potentially involve hundreds of players at a time. Whether the perpetrators are long-term players or paying users, anyone behaving in an excessively abusive manner, or benefitting from such actions, will risk the loss of their accounts and all content within them.


Why is the Borderlands locked every season? I want to travel to other regions to see my friends!

We know it’s fun to hang out and battle with your friends in Conqueror’s Blade, and that’s why we grant extra migration tokens when the Borderlands lock occurs. We are consulting with Booming Games on the topic of unlocking the Borderlands, but no decisions about redesigns of this feature have been made so far.


Do you plan to introduce a Seasonal Seal system which locks players to only use certain Tier units for a specific amount of time?

We currently have no plans to introduce a system like this, as we do not believe this system benefits the overall dynamic of the game.



There were a lot more questions submitted that haven’t yet been answered, but I’ll be back very soon to address them in another Producer Update. For now, stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay safe. I’ll see you on the battlefield!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Conqueror’s Blade Producer, Jacek Pudlik (Karsun)