Cobra Commander’s Friday Knight Fights starts soon


Serial streamer and tournament host Cobra Commander is poised to head a new competition with cash prizes up for grabs. Starting August 14 and scheduled to run across five consecutive Fridays, Friday Knight Fights will see teams joining the Tournament Server and fighting in an intense Siege battle league, with the best going through to an elimination round on Friday, September 18.

Interested parties are invited to sign up via email and should conduct all tournament related communication via Discord. The battles will be streamed live by Cobra Commander, in association with a new guest host each week.

Cobra Commander famously raised $1000 in prize funding for his Duel Tournament back in May and hopes to do the same again for this latest prize pool. There’ll also be Sovereigns and Premium Account time for the best teams during the tournament, as well as at the conclusion!

Our thanks go to Cobra Commander for organising and hosting the Friday Knight Fights league, and to those taking part - good luck!



$TBD cash prize
1st Place Flag

2300 Sovereigns

30-days Premium Account time

2nd Place:

$TBD cash prize

2nd Place Flag

1100 Sovereigns

30-days Premium Account time

3rd Place:

$TBD cash prize

3rd Place Flag

525 Sovereigns

7-days Premium Account time

Weekly Prize:

$120 cash prize

200 Sovereigns

7-days Premium Account time


  • In order to be considered, you must submit your team and player details fully and accurately.
  • All Teams must be registered and accepted to be included in the tournament
  • Teams must consist of at least 15 players. Up to 2 reserves are optional (17 players maximum).
  • The selection of teams for inclusion will be based on a number of considerations: the time of registration, house membership and team name suitability. Tournament communication will be conducted via Discord.
  • Matches will be played via the Tournament server on the Tournament Client, which will be made available through the Game Center launcher.
  • All hero upgrades, unit upgrades, doctrines and artillery are permitted.
  • Teams may suffer forfeit if their captains are not ready 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled match. The captain will ensure that their players are ready at the allotted match time, and will be responsible for distributing prizes to their team.
  • By participating in the competition a player gives their consent to having their in-game interactions broadcast.
  • Players that engage in behaviour that goes against the spirit of the tournament will face disqualification and/or other punishment.
  • We reserve the right to delay, postpone and/or cancel individual matches if there are valid operational issues or technical concerns.
  • The judges' interpretation of the rules is beyond reproach and all decisions are final.
  • We reserve the right to amend the rules of the competition at any time if they prove to be flawed or unfit for purpose - this includes changing the brackets.