Behind the scenes: Revamped English localisation and voiceovers


Conqueror’s Blade first launched in 2019 with in-game dialogue performed and recorded by a wonderfully talented cast and crew based in Canada. As part of our on-going efforts to make the game the best it can be, the localisation team at MY.GAMES has been hard at work building upon this foundation with even more voices. We’re happy to reveal that our work is now complete and available in the latest version of Conqueror’s Blade!

Every unit is bursting with even more character and diversity, bringing a refreshing new dimension to gameplay as you venture through cities and townships, prepare for battle, and wage war on the fields and fortresses of this world. We’ve prepared a video to showcase the newly available English voiceovers, and to give you a peek behind the scenes at our processes.

With every new Season, we introduce units from all across the world of Conqueror’s Blade, from Sicania to the Northern Steppes. With this in mind, we wanted new seasonal units to have unique responses in keeping with their homeland, rather than several units sharing a stock response. Every unit now has their own ‘portrait’ line that essentially acts as their motto, giving even familiar units more character.

It was important that we find the right voices to match our new scripts, so from a longlist provided by the wonderful team at SIDE Studios in London (who also recorded our new voiceovers, directed by Damien Goodwin), we listened to casting samples and selected some fantastic actors who have lent their considerable talents to other big films, television series, and videogames in recent years.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video to see our star-studded cast at work in the studio, including Arthur Lee (Treadstone), Alec Newman (Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate), and Jeremy Ang Jones (Total War: Three Kingdoms). There’s also a Q&A that may interest any aspiring voice actors out there!

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