Patch notes are now complete for the version of Conqueror’s Blade deployed on July 21. Click here to see what’s been added.


  • Added 4 new Units, which are available from Season IV Unit Challenges. These units will enjoy a Seasonal bonus which decreases their Leadership requirements by 5 and there's a 50% decrease to Unit Kit resupply:
    • 3-Star: Janissaries
    • 4-Star: Azaps
    • 4.5-Star: Sipahis
    • 5-Star: Silahdars
  • Added 2 new Matchmaking Maps. Reginopolis will be the first one available:
    • Field: By Land and Sea
    • Siege: Reginopolis
  • Activated the following Season IV Content:
    • Seasonal Levels
    • Seasonal Unit Challenges for Season IV, Season III and Season II.
    • Weekly Challenges
    • Campaigns
    • Season IV Battle Pass
    • Season IV Battle Pass Bundles
    • Seasonal Store
  • Added Emote system
  • Activated the Doctrine Ability system
  • Added the following new House features:
    • House Funds System
    • House Challenges/Quests
  • Changes to Servers


Changes to Servers:

  • Changed the name of the Servers in the Server Select screen
  • Added an additional EU West Server


Old Name

New Name


Asterion (NA)

EU East

Steppes (RU)

EU West 1

Crystal Sea (EU1)

EU West 2

Sicania (EU2)

EU West 3 (New)

Teutatis (EU3)


House Features:

House Challenges and House Quest:

At 0:00 every Monday, House Challenges and House Quests will refresh. House Challenges need to be completed by the entire House together whereas the House Quests need to be completed individually or by working in groups with your fellow House members. House Quests is also available for the Legion’s Cohorts.


House Fund and Stipends:

Houses can now assign stipends from the Houses Fund to the different roles (duties) within the Taxes interface under Stipends. The stipends can be assigned to the following roles (duties):

  • Senior Members
  • Knights
  • Cadet


Stipends can be earned by completing House Challenges and House Quests. Stipends can be used by the members of the House to replenish or resupply units instead of using their own currency.


All Warlords:

We noticed that there were flaws with our damage calculation system in Season III as Warlords were able to stack damage bonus effects such as Critical, Headshots, Backstabs and altitude bonuses, in extreme cases the buffed damage could have an overly exaggerated effect, to tackle this we have made the following changes:

  • Total damage bonus provided by Critical, Headshots, Backstabs and Altitude cannot exceed 250%.



The “Weapon Dance” skill is used by very few Warlords due to its low power and long cooldown time, we have made the following adjustments to encourage the use of this skill:

  • Increased Attack Range
  • After the skill hits, the target will now face the attacker.
  • Effect: When Weapon Dance hits an enemy, the “Attack Power Reduced” debuff will last for 2 additional seconds.
  • Cooldown time has been reduced:
    • Weapon Dance I: 24 seconds
    • Weapon Dance II: 20 seconds
    • Weapon Dance III: 16 seconds



Bow users have a long-range and high attack damage when at a distant range compared to melee warlords. Melee warlords have trouble catching up to bow warlords and therefore do not pose enough threat. Due to this we have decided to make the following changes:


  • When using specific ranged skills, Stamina will be consumed when charging arrows.
  • When using left-click (Normal Attack), Stamina will be consumed when the arrow is charging..
  • When charging, movement speed will no longer be slowed down.
  • Increased the duration of time it takes to release a half-charged arrow.
  • The skills “Rain of Arrows”, “Flaming Arrow”, “Bodkin-tipped” and “Lightning Bolt” have been altered to require charging: The longer the charge, the straighter the trajectory and the more damage it will deal.
  • The skill “Explosive Arrow” will require charge. The longer the charge, the straighter the trajectory but it will not benefit from the charge damage increase.
  • The Damage of the skill “Explosive Arrow” has been reduced by 50%.
  • When using left-click, the longer the charge, the straighter the trajectory and the more damage it will deal.
  • The damage of all skills apart from “Explosive Arrow” will be changed when charging:
  • No Charge: Deals 50% piercing damage.
  • Half-Charge: Deals 80% piercing damage.
  • Full-Charge: Deals 110% piercing damage.
  • The piercing ability of the “Lightning Bolt” skill will be affected by charging:
    • No Charge: Cannot pierce.
    • Half-Charge:  Can pierce 2 targets.
    • Full-Charge: Can pierce 5 targets.
  • When the “Bodkin-tipped III” skill was used it was not reducing the enemies block correctly. It will now reduce the enemy's block correctly.



The idea behind the Nodachi’s design is that it is a medium armour weapon class that relies on their ability to steal health so they can stay at the front lines of battle. However, when facing heavily armoured units, without armour-piercing damage, they were unable to play a primary role on the battlefield as low armour-piercing value means low damage output and without enough damage being applied during combat the Nodachi could not continuously fight at the front line and count on its health stealing abilities. Due to this, we have redesigned the gameplay of the Nodachi, players can store their buffs and activate them as they see fit, making it more tactical to play Nodachi.



  • Bloodlust:
    • Gain 3% life drain, can stack up to 5 times.
    • When stacked 5 times, it will become Bloodbath, if the Nodachi already has Bloodbath, it will refresh the effect.
  • Bloodbath:
    • Gain 25% life drain.
    • Adds an additional 15% Piercing and Slashing Armour Penetration.
    • Cannot be stacked and lasts 8 seconds.
  • Blood Heal:
    • When activating “Monstrous Blade III” it consumes the “Bloodbath” effect.
    • Gain 1500 health per second.
    • Cannot be stacked, will last 4 seconds.


Added an effect to “Samurai’s March III” where it increases Block Break.



The “Procris’s Gift III” skill can ignore enemies defence when kicking the spear at an enemy, this meant that Warlords protected by shield units could still be hit, due to this we are making the following changes:

  • Removed the “Ignore Defense” effect from Procris’s Gift III.
  • Added an effect “Reduces the target's block.”


All Unit adjustments will be reviewed throughout the Season and changes will be made where necessary.


Iron Reapers:

Iron reapers were difficult to fight against due to its outstanding ability to endure damage, due to this we have made the following changes:

  • Decreased PIercing Defence, Slashing Defence, and Blunt Defense by 10%.
  • Decreased Movement Speed by 5% and Spinning Speed by 10% to make them less agile.
  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 to 320.


Monastic Knights:

Monastic Knights are capable in both attack and defence, this allows them to survive after causing a large amount of damage to opponents. Due to the other balancing changes for units in Season IV, we are making the following changes:

  • Decreased their Normal Attack Damage when slowed down by 15%.
  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 to 330.


Fire Lance Cavalry:

  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 to 320.


Tercio Arquebusiers:

  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 to 310.


Rattan Rangers:

Rattan Rangers can easily take down single Warlords in battle from medium range, which has a negative impact on the game experience. As rangers, reloading should be troublesome for the units as they should not have a large amount of ammunition, therefore we are making the following changes:

  • Armour Penetration is decreased by 15%.
  • Decreased Accuracy on shooting a fast-moving warlord from medium range.
  • Extended reloading time to 5 seconds
  • Decreased the amount of ammunition the unit carries by 20%.
  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 to 330.


Pavise Crossbowmen:

As a ranged unit, Pavise Crossbowmen are too powerful to stay alive and deal damage in battles.

  • Decreased Piercing Defense and Slashing Defense by 10%
  • Decreased maximum Health by 10%.
  • Decreased unit's animation speed for turning after firing.
  • Decreased units ammo from 1000 to 750.
  • Decreased Leadership Value from 340 to 325.
  • Attack range is decreased from 80 to 58.


Falconetti Gunners:

When used tactfully in battle the Falconetti Gunners could cause a huge amount of damage when placed at a specific angle on certain maps, this caused a negative impact to battles, especially when they would be used against the enemy Warlord at point-blank range. Due to this, we have decided to make the following adjustments:

  • Increased HP by 10% to slightly increase the survivability of the unit.
  • Increased minimal attacking range from 4 meters to 10 meters. Falconetti Gunners cannot attack enemies within 10 meters. This change has been made to increase the threat of enemy Warlords.
  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 to 335.


Cataphract Lancers:

In Season III, we made an adjustment to the Cataphract Lancers so they would halt when hitting obstacles, this affected the performance of the unit to some degree, due to this we will make the following adjustment:

  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 by 320.


Winged Hussars:

Similar to Cataphract Lancers, we made an adjustment to Winged Hussars so they would halt when hitting obstacles, this affected the performance of the unit to some degree, due to this we will make the following adjustment:

  • Decreased Leadership Value from 350 by 320.


Condottieri Guards:

The “Shock Attack” skill of Condottieri Guards is used frequently in combat, as expected. However, the skill was capable of powerful crowd control effects against Warlords, forcing them to retreat. Due to a large number of complaints, we have decided to remove the skills knockback effect when used against heroes, while keeping the effect the same against other units.

  • The “Shock Attack” skill can no longer knockback Warlords.
  • Decreased Leadership Value from 185 to 170.


All Unit adjustments will be reviewed throughout the Season and changes will be made where necessary.


Seasonal Challenges (Unit and Weekly):

  • Optimised some of the harder challenges to complete which caused negative experiences during Season III.
  • Adjusted some tasks to include alternative conditions. For example, a challenge that requested players to destroy large siege equipment was difficult to complete as attackers, therefore this challenge in Season IV would contain two conditions, for example: Destroy large siege equipment or gain 50 capture points during a match.
  • Added some challenges to kill enemy heroes which can be completed by working as a team (all team members contribute to the challenge).



Added the titles for the Conqueror’s City:

  • Conqueror’s City winner will receive the title: "Triumphalis Maximus"
  • Legionnaires who participate in defense of Conqueror's City will be permanently awarded the title of "Loyal Legionary." Legionnaires who successfully defend the Shield of the Capital will be permanently awarded the title of "Hero of the Legion."


Optimised the refresh time of Exhausted Resource Sites in the open-world, they will now refresh after 9 hours. When multiple Resource Sites are exhausted, the refresh time of the last exhausted resource site will be halved to 4.5 hours.


  • Removed the cost and cooldown of switching between Seasonal Unit Challenges.
  • It now costs a reduced amount of Sovereigns to complete specific challenges for Season II and Season III units.
  • Adjusted the duration of the Battle Preparation time from 60 seconds to 80 seconds.
  • The pending status when listing items in the Marketing has now been reduced to 1 to 3 hours.
  • Items from the Market, once in a Resource Pile will now expire after 72 hours if not claimed.
  • Optimised the organisation of the “Sort Automatically” option in the Barracks.
  • Optimised the tooltip which appears when earning a Doctrine.
  • Fixed texture issues with some Maul weapons.
  • Fixed texture issues with some Crowns from Season III’s final Territory War.
  • Melee heroes will now face the correct direction after dismounting their Horse.
  • The background music for Augolia has been changed
  • Fixed some issues which caused players to fail to matchmake with other players.