Reginopolis, known as the “Queen of Cities”, commands all the great routes of knowledge and commerce that feed into the vast Sea of Tranquility. For its Sicanian occupiers, as well as being a source of great wealth, Reginopolis is of huge strategic importance, for any army looking to conquer beyond its walls will be forever threatened unless it breaches them first.

The Sultan-Emperor of Anadolu knows the reality of the situation only too well. He has long planned an invasion of the Borderlands, and knows that as long as Reginopolis flies a Sicanian flag, his flanks will be exposed and his lines of supply threatened. Unfortunately, every assault on the city has thus far failed.

A new approach is needed…

Reginopolis is a new Siege map making its debut in Season IV: Blood of the Empire, one that looks and plays differently to any that have come before. Indeed, rather than a single map, there will be different variations (together with those of a new Field Battle location), that will form the setting for a brand new PvP campaign that will play out across the whole season. Similar to the Sea Raiders PvE event, a new part will become accessible each week, with rewards that directly tie in with Season IV’s Weekly Challenges.

Set to host the bloodiest battles between the Anadolou Empire and Sicania, Reginopolis offers new tactical options to both sides. As Season IV begins, Anadolou sappers will be constructing tunnels beneath the city to attack its heart, while a thunderous new siege weapon, The Great Bombard, will be deployed to bring down its walls. Those that side with the forces of Sicania will have to learn to deal with both threats if they are to keep the Sultan’s troops at bay.

As soon as the siege of Reginopolis gets underway on July 21, we’ll have more on what to expect.

See you under the battlements!