Minotaur Attire contest winners!


Last month we asked you to get creative around the theme of the ancient Minotaur, with the top prize in three categories being your very own limited edition Minotaur Hero Attire. Released in celebration of Conqueror’s Blade’s first anniversary, the attire is currently unavailable, but thanks to their respective efforts with paintbrushes, paring knives and pairs of scissors, Alesito (NA server), Arumbaya (EU West 1) and Wurthless (NA) can all look forward to dishing out bovine retribution to their enemies.

Art category

WINNER (Minotaur Hero Attire): Alesito, NA

2nd place (1100 Sovereigns): Hurmushka, EU West 1

3rd place (30-days Premium): Naara, EU West 2

Honourable efforts: DaDDY and HojaGriss 

Food category

WINNER (Minotaur Hero Attire): Arumbaya, EU West 1

2nd place (1100 Sovereigns): Grenadekiller, NA

3rd place (30-days Premium): Ertugrul, NA

Honourable efforts: Arumbaya and Ertugrul 

Physical category

WINNER (Minotaur Hero Attire): Wurthless, NA

2nd place (1100 Sovereigns): Deloura, EU West 1

3rd place (30-days Premium): WindFux, EU West 1

Honourable efforts: Wurthless and Arumbaya 


Well done to the winners and to all of you that took the time and effort to enter. Special thanks goes out to moderator Kira, who suggested and administered the competition, and without whom it would not have been such a rampaging success!