Pre-order the Season IV Battle Pass with instant rewards!


The armies of the Anadolou Empire are almost at the gates, and it is imperative that you are ready to face them. You can now pre-order the Season IV Battle Pass in-game to enjoy instant rewards before Season IV: Blood of the Empire arrives on July 21!

The Season IV Battle Pass is your key to over 100 levels of season-exclusive rewards. Earn Glory throughout the new Campaign and Seasonal Challenges to ascend the Battle Pass, unlocking cosmetics like Baltadji’s Hero Attire and the Janissary Unit Attire, Emotes, useful consumables and items, and currency that can be exchanged for 11 brand-new weapon skins.

Pre-order the Season IV Battle Pass for 1,000 Sovereigns today to receive instant bonus rewards:

  • Season IV Battle Pass: Active from July 21 after maintenance is complete, this allows you to earn premium rewards throughout Season IV: Blood of the Empire.
  • 1x Treatise (Pre-order Bonus): This allows the War Scholar to excavate ancient battlefields and collect Doctrines to give your units bonuses.
  • 2x Gifts of Glory (Pre-order Bonus): Kickstart your Season IV campaign with 10,000 Glory for your Battle Pass.
  • 10x Unit Medals (Pre-order Bonus): Each Unit Medal grants 5,000 Unit XP to a selected unit.
  • 5x Large Chests of Bronze (Pre-order Bonus): Each chest contains 10,000 Bronze Coins.

The pre-order bonuses are only available when you purchase the Season IV Battle Pass in-game before July 21.

For more information about Season IV: Blood of the Empire, check out our original announcement and guide to the Anadolou Empire’s new units. Keep an eye out for more articles, newsletters, and updates on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Discord as we approach the release of Season IV: Blood of the Empire!