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A new season is rushing towards us, which means it’s time once again to consider the benefits of acquiring a new Battle Pass. As with previous seasons, the Season IV Battle Pass is by no means necessary - you can earn some great rewards without one. But, if you want to maximise your time and effort and claim all that the coming season has to offer, you might find a Season IV Battle Pass worth your while.

That’s because there are two tiers of seasonal rewards, a lower tier for everyone, and a higher tier for those with a Battle Pass. The more Glory you earn during the course of the season, the higher your Nobility rank and the more rewards you can claim.

Free Pass Rewards

Battle Pass Rewards

  • Tier 2 - Applaud Emote
  • Tier 25 - Hail Emote
  • Tier 48 - Cry Emote
  • Tier 50 - “Blood Royal” Title
  • Tier 60 - Great Bombard Siege Equipment
  • Tier 70 - Blood of the Empire Weapon Box


  • Tier 1 - Baltadji's Hero Attire
  • Tier 10 - Bow Emote
  • Tier 20 - Silahdar Banner
  • Tier 35 - Farewell Emote
  • Tier 50  Sublime Gate Unit Attire
  • Tier 65 - Sit Emote
  • Tier 70 - Chorbaji’s Horse Attire
  • Tier 75 - Threaten Emote
  • Tier 85 - Sipahi General's Hero Helm
  • Tier 90 - Laugh Emote
  • Tier 100 - Chorbaji's Hero Attire

As well as items such as Bronze Chests and Battle Relics, you can claim exclusive cosmetic items and amass a stack of Season IV Hero Tokens, which you can exchange in the newly-stocked Seasonal Store right up until Season IV ends. Whatever your class, whatever your style, there should be something for everyone to enjoy!

Baltadji's Hero Attire:

Sublime Gate Unit Attire:

Sipahi General's Hero Helm:

Chorbaji's Hero Attire: