Creator Spotlight: Coffee Fuelled Gaming


Having been making videos since the very first Siege Tests in 2018, Glynn (aka Coffee Fuelled Gaming on Youtube and GlynGG on Twitch) can lay claim to being a true veteran of Conqueror’s Blade, and certainly among the very first people to broadcast his early interest in the game.

“I originally found Conquerors Blade through adverts, I think on Facebook, way before the game released” he recalls. “I waited for months and months and bought a pre-order pack as soon as they were available! I’ve always loved medieval games and strategy so Conqueror’s Blade was right up my street, giving me the best of both!”

He’d been making videos about various games for many years previously and continues to have interests in a number of titles, but it wasn’t until Conqueror’s Blade appeared on the distant horizon that he found his focus.

“I’d been creating content on a lot of games but never really found ‘the one’. With Conqueror’s Blade, the huge variety of units and classes, even in the early days, really appealed to me as it bought a huge range of different gameplay options and styles that not many other games had.”


My favourite map is probably Emerald River. Such a great and varied map showing off the graphics of the game so well but also have such a wide range of different options in where to go and how to ambush the enemy.”


Being something of a hybrid game with a curious mix of medieval cultures, Conqueror’s Blade posed something of a problem for the experienced content creator: “I very quickly realised there was a lot to learn to master the game and that the best way of doing this would be short, sharp and informative videos which I was previously known for other games. This kind of video is right up my street to create as I do training in my full-time employment.”

Having spent a lot of time playing Conqueror’s Blade, Glyn has long since expanded his output beyond walkthroughs and guides on Youtube to include Twitch livestreams, thoughts on the latest news and even a recent move into podcasts, with a first collaborative outing alongside Zimster, Ruddus and Mouflon77. One future guest host who might join him is Evo Loz Gaming. “He’s a great content creator” enthuses Glynn. “We originally had plans to do some videos together but real life got in the way, unfortunately for us both. Great content though on his channel, which is totally worth a watch!”

When he isn’t building alliances with other creators, Glyn can often be found with his comrades in House Saxons on EU West 1, swinging his Glaive in advance of his favourite unit, Vassal Longbows, before planning for his next stream or batch of videos: “The most rewarding aspect of being a content creator is seeing the viewership numbers grow on my channel, but also talking to people on stream or through the YouTube comments. I find it very rewarding when people directly ask me for advice or support and know they will get a good answer to any of their questions.”

Incredibly, it’s been almost two and a half years since Glyn uploaded his first Conqueror’s Blade video, of which there is now a vast library that’s expanding by the week; long may they continue!.

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