House Profile: GOKTURK (EUW1)


NemesisTurk is the current leader of GOKTURK, a member of the RiseOfWolves alliance and one of the largest Turkish houses in the game. With a membership of 90 warlords that includes German and English-speaking members, the house is currently established in the northeast of Ostaria

How did you first find out about Conqueror’s Blade and what attracted you to the game?

I love war games and so it was not difficult to find. I searched for war games on Steam and then found Conquerors Blade.

How did you come to lead GOKTURK?

In the beginning, i was a diplomat at GOKTURK. Our former leader then decided to quit the game and the house members asked me to take the lead.

And I really enjoy doing it. I’m aware that I’m leading a big house here, but it works very well with my management team.

What makes GOKTURK different from other houses?

We welcome all players and support them their development. The most important thing is we’re against insulting behaviour and that makes us appreciated by our members. We have well-considered diplomatic relationships and always keep our promises. GOKTURK was founded by a team that had been active in other games for a long time.

What does the house hope to achieve - what will be its legacy in years to come?

As players, we definitely want to keep ourselves at a high level. And as GOKTURK, our goals are always to attain all that can be achieved. In Season III our goal is the Conqueror’s City and a to hold a stable number of fiefs.

What’s your favourite class to play and why?

Glaive. But of course that can change over time.

What activities does the house regularly engage in and enjoy?

We take part in all activities. Territory Wars are the main goals for our house. There are always a couple of Matchmaking teams and an internal duel tournament for our members.

Who are your most trusted warlords and what roles do they command within the organization?

I trust all the warlords on the team. There are different roles. One officer has an overview of the house with me and others lead the groups.

If someone wanted to join your house or start a dialogue towards trade or establishing a pact, what should they do?

The best way is via our Discord. They can also reach me through our in-game members. Our names are also written in the house description.

Are there other houses that you admire or that you consider to be natural allies?

Since what were difficult times in pre-season the alliances RiseOfWolveS (GondoR, HUNgarianBlood) and DeutschesBanner (Lannister, Lannishort, PCUP) have always been on our side and we have a high level of trust in them. In addition, since the end of Season II, DacianLegacy and FalcataPrime have joined under the alliance RiseOfWolves. And the alliance Lechistan is also good friend. And, of course, everyone who fights for the Conquerors City for a long time deserves our respect.

Conversely, are there any houses that you'd consider mortal enemies?

There is always one and that's a good thing because we always need wars. Enemies can always change.

Finally, a message to our enemies: GOKTURK and RiseOfWolves never give up.


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