As much fun as it will be to play Conqueror’s Blade alongside like-minded strangers, it’s when playing with the people we know that the game will truly come alive, such as when having a buddy covering your back on the battlefield, or when directing the armies and resources of your guild as its wise and noble leader.

To make such things happen we want to make it as easy and as rewarding as possible for you to attract friends and acquaintances to the cause.

The Conqueror’s Blade Referral Program is a system by which will reward your account with in-game equipment when people sign up to the game on your recommendation.

The process is actually very simple: There will be a special area on your account page from which you can generate a link, which you can share with a friend via email or post to your social media channel of choice.

When someone registers a new account via that link (it doesn’t have to be a friend, it can be someone who follows your Twitter account), you will be duly credited as the person who brought that player to the game. The more people you can convince to sign up, the more in-game stuff you will eligible for: An elegant banner, additional experience, siege weapons and a horse skin - all this can become yours.

Currently there are three reward tiers, progress towards which you can check on your account page. The number of rewards and tiers are subject to change, so if you like the look of the stuff you can add to your arsenal right now, now is the best time to start earning them.

Good luck and, if it helps, why not direct people to this site or to one of our social media channels. As ever, if you have any questions specific to the Referral Program, please study the FAQ, which will be updated as and when required.