July 4 Territory War will be a drill - NA server only!


Due to Independence Day falling on a weekend, we have decided to make Saturday’s July 4 Territory War a drill event. This will only apply to the NA server. Territory Wars across the European servers will progress as normal.

Since those fighting for the Conqueror’s City on the NA server will effectively be losing a day, we urge players to make suitable plans ahead of tomorrow’s event, given that it will be the penultimate Territory War before the final battle of the season on July 7.

Drill mode is essentially a consequence-free training mode, usually deployed when we are testing new features or when Territory Wars clashes directly with a major public holiday. On this occasion it’s the latter; as we expect a significant proportion of our US players will be enjoying a rare weekend with friends and family.

Whatever your plans for July 4, have fun and please stay safe!

You can read more about Drill Mode on the Conqueror’s Blade events page.