Creator Spotlight: TheOrderNChaos


Wearing his trademark ajirogasa the self-styled “Samurai of Twitch“ (TheOrderNChaos to the rest of us) has carved something of a reputation for himself as a connoisseur of medieval Japanese culture. Or, as he likes to call to himself... “a huge weeb, as you can tell by the theme of my content” he laughs. “I am very influenced by Japanese culture, especially the samurai era.” Which explains the hat, of course.

TheOrderNChaos - who will henceforth be referred to by his given name Cody - wasn’t quite among the first wave of players to sign to Conqueror’s Blade, but stumbled across the game almost by accident, having seen one of the game’s early trailers. His curiosity piqued at seeing an impossible mix of warring cultures colliding on the field of battle, he watched a few more videos until being convinced he needed to experience the game for himself. “What really hooked me” he says, “was seeing gameplay of one of my favourite weapons in Japanese culture, the Nodachi.”

It goes without saying the iconic Nodachi quickly became and remains to this day Cody’s favourite player class. “I love the life steal, the feel of the weapon, its playstyle beyond fits” he says. “I play very damage based with my build, so the life drain helps me to be more aggressive in the game.” Complimenting his favourite weapon are his loyal Spear Sergeants or Imperial Spearman. “They do good damage and both support me well whether I need to attack or defend.”

While he can recall numerous moments playing Conqueror’s Blade, it was Cody’s first Territory War on the NA server that remains the most memorable. “I was still new to the game and the amount of depth in each battle was interesting. It was also amazing how much my first house was able to teach me.” It was pretty much then and there that Cody decided to become a Content Creator for Conqueror’s Blade: “Because I enjoyed the game, I wanted a way to become more involved with the community and the game.”


“My Favorite map would have to be White Elk Fort. I just love the design of the map and all the details throughout.”


For Cody, the most rewarding aspect of being a content creator is being part of something bigger. “I’ve grown with the people I meet. It’s an amazing feeling seeing so many come back each day and we get to talk about life, things going on in the game, or we trade life lessons. It’s amazing.”

As for the future, Cody says he has a few ideas he’s working on that he’s looking forward to revealing more about, but that he’s equally enjoying “grinding out weeklies. playing with my housemates or viewers and just having a good time whether we are losing or destroying the other team.” The goal is obviously to gain more subscribers and perhaps one day emulate the streaming and esporting successes of Nadeshot, who continues to be an inspiration. However, one gets the impression that Cody would be perfectly content for TheOrderNChaos to continue to be a source of education and entertainment: “Please don’t be afraid to ask questions” he asks future viewers. “This community is willing to help guide you on the path you take. Support all content creators - not just myself - as we are doing this because we love the game and its community.” Yoku itta! Spoken like a true samurai!

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