Special Crates and Stickers added to MY.GAMES Market!


We’re constantly updating and expanding the features of MY.GAMES Market, your one-stop shop for amazing deals on in-game content for MY.GAMES titles. Today, we’d like to tell you more about the latest additions: Special Crates and Stickers, and the new Legions of Flame Crate!

Special Crates are loaded with unique cosmetic and consumable content, and they can be bought for a single low price that never changes, regardless of the contents within. Don’t worry, you’re not going in blind! You can see a Special Crate’s potential contents by clicking its icon on MY.GAMES Market, and checking exactly what’s inside by clicking the ‘Open’ button.

Contents will remain the same until you make a purchase – the Special Crate will then refresh, and you’ll be able to get a totally new one. Special Crates can also include exclusive collectable Stickers from your favourite games!

Speaking of which, Stickers are an amazing way to show your appreciation for friends – or maybe even rivals! Buy stickers from the Gift Store and individual games’ Market sections, then send them to yourself or your friends to display with pride in MY.GAMES Profiles. They’re purely cosmetic, and while each Sticker can only be used once, you can buy as many as you want and they won’t expire or disappear (unless you wish to remove them).

We’re celebrating the launch of these new MY.GAMES Market features with the Legions of Flame Crate. This Special Crate contains in-game content such as pieces of the Fire Lancer, Legionary Parade, and Fire Salamander Hero Attires, up to 5,000 Sovereigns, up to 365 days of Premium time, and one of four Conqueror’s Blade Stickers. It’s available for 2.99/$2.99 from MY.GAMES Market now!

Important: This offer is not available in France, Belgium, or The Netherlands.



In some cases, stickers from the Gift Store are included in offers displayed in other shops. After purchase, those stickers are stored in the respective inventory here.