Season III campaign: Conqueror’s City changes


We are tightening the rules that govern the right to attack the Conqueror’s City, to ensure that only the most successful houses and alliances can seek to claim it.

As was the case during Season II, you have to be a member of a house to join the fight and, to challenge for the city itself, you must as a group first control one of its surrounding gate fiefs. In addition for Season III, alliances must have at least 6000 Influence and be in control of at least one fief (besides a gate) elsewhere in the Borderlands to be able to challenge for its capitol. Also, be aware that once war is declared on the city, a house cannot leave its alliance to join another until Territory War is concluded.

Members of Cohorts and Legions (ranked Decanos / Patrol Leader and above) will be able to take part in battles for the Conqueror’s City and its gates, but only to defend them - not to attack. Player units will not lose Unit Kits in defence of the realm.

As for individual battles for the gate fiefs and the Conqueror’s City, the ruling house will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis - unless the defence is NPC controlled. Subsequently, there will now only be a single battleline, which should smaller groups to challenge for the city during each Territory War.

Regardless of whether the battle is won or lost, after the fight, the Ruling House will be passed to the house next in line. (Note: This only applies for battles for the Conqueror’s City and its gates.)

Securing the city is one thing, but being crowned as its lord and protector is the ultimate aim - and one that will be more challenging during Season III. For, as well as capturing and holding the city, the winning alliance will need to keep hold of some of its other territories in order to maintain an Influence of at least 25,000. The Conqueror’s City will be worth 20,000, but those that pour all their resources into its capture by leaving homelands unguarded might not enjoy as decisive a victory as hoped.

As well as the above changes for participation, the rewards for taking part in the conquest of the Conqueror’s City have also been adapted. We’ll be detailing those very soon!