Creator Spotlight: BraveBoar


As an advocate for new players, BraveBoar recognised the benefits of the Imperial Restorationist system pretty early on. He saw that legions and cohorts were a good way for players to advance their understanding of Conqueror’s Blade without the distraction of inter-house politics and alliance diplomacy getting in the way.

Streaming for three years now, BraveBoar says it is his aim “to help as many people as possible and to build a community based on that.” That community being the ‘cohort community’, an affiliation of players that prefer the rigid simplicity of what are ostensibly NPC houses and alliances, whose only aim is to unite their home regions. A decorated member of the Ungverijan Legion, BraveBoar has been actively bringing together like-minded players from all corners of the in-game globe. “We now we have a self-sufficient [cohort] community in almost all the in-game regions,” he says.


“Conqueror’s City by far the best map. It is so much more unique compared to the other maps and it's a much larger battlefield as well.”


BraveBoar’s streams tend to focus on taking players through battles, such as pillaging Rebel Camps and taking part in sieges and Territory Wars: “Standard gameplay from the cohort perspective,” he says. “Players are always welcome to pop in and ask questions about the game or ask for help, but we also have a lot of events like training camps or regional cohort parades.”

An important part of BraveBoar’s content is the Imperial Restorationists Discord channel, which is often as much a part of his streams as he is himself. “I start off my day by asking if anyone needs any help, either in the cohort’s Discord that we set up or in the actual cohorts alliance chat - and if there’s anyone in current [in-game] chat who needs help as well.” Later, once he’s completed his in-game chores, BraveBoar reaches out to local player-run houses to find “ways we can improve the new player experience in the region.”

It probably says something about BraveBoar that his favourite in-game moment was when his and other cohorts fought to defend the Conqueror’s City during the climax of Season II, partly because it quickly became his favourite map, but mostly because it brought so many players together. “It was really amazing to see groups from every region come to a central point and go up against the best players in the game,” he says.

BraveBoar is similarly impressed by the content creation community, especially the efforts of two people in particular. “Cobra Commander has some pretty awesome energy and crazy skill in the game, and Hjulstad, because he is really friendly and is trying to improve the new player experience on the EU side of the game.”

The existence of a community within a community - to talk to fellow creators and have access to game resources - has been a real boon, says BraveBoar, allowing him to focus on his areas of expertise while letting others concentrate on theirs - without, of course, the distraction of rivalry getting in the way.


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