Season III campaign: Conqueror’s City map changes


As well as being at the geographical heart of Conqueror’s Blade, the Conqueror’s City is also its most prized possession, forever immortalising those that secure it. However, players that seek once again to command its ancient walls at the end of Season III should note that there have been a few minor alterations; not only to the city itself but to the formidable ring of gate towns that guard its entrance. Although many of the changes are minor, they amount to a rebalancing that we hope will make battles more dynamic and help ensure that Season III’s climax will live long in the memory. For example, the layout has been tweaked to offer more routes in and around the city, and the attackers will be able to make use of pre-positioned siege equipment, rather than always having to bring their own. If destroyed during the battle, these will respawn after a short period.   

Storming the gates

The gate fiefs (Gate of Order, Gate of Glory, Gate of Earth and Gate of Heaven) are four identical maps that act as locks around the Conqueror’s City, in that to be able to assault the city, you must first control one or more gates. They are 15v15 siege maps with the bases separated by a capture point (X) and four resupply zones.

The wide outer wall is dominated by a large gatehouse that protects the main capture point on the main battlements above the gate. When starting their assault the attackers can make use of two ranks of siege emplacements to support their initial advance, with three siege ladder emplacements either side of the gatehouse.

The defender’s base is located in a small wooden stockade nestled at the base of the Conqueror’s City. It can be assaulted via its main gate, or via side entrances on either flank. Despite the limited entry points, the area is susceptible to artillery attack due to being very open and easily cut off from its resupply points.

Conquering the city

With one or more gates secured, the attackers are soon able to move through the residential area that services the Conqueror’s City. The map is once again a 15v15 siege; with the two bases again separated by a single capture point (X). However, with two walls to breach and six resupply zones, it is a much more challenging map that the preceding gate fiefs.

The outer wall of the Conqueror’s City can be breached via the overpass (by destroying the gate), or by deploying up to three Grapnel Launchers to extend walkways toward the turreted capture point. As well as four ladder emplacements leading up to point X, there is a resupply zone to its right, which both sides may want to make use of to starve the other of the reinforcement options it gives.

The attackers have numerous options when assaulting the defence base, with the ability to attack the right flank via ladders, or route to the left to cut off a resupply point and make use of an arch leading around the back of the inner courtyard. With three resupply areas around the base, the defenders are not short of defensive options and should be able to mount an effective last-ditch counter-attack should the need arise. Securing the resupply points, therefore, will be central to securing the city.

As well as the renovation work that’s been made to the city, there have been some structural changes to decide which houses and alliances are eligible to fight for it. We’ll be detailing those in a future article - stay tuned!