Creator Spotlight: Evo Loz Gaming


If you’ve had the fortitude to scroll to end of some of Conqueror’s Blade’s lengthier Patch Note articles, you may have occasionally come across one of Evo Loz Gaming’s videos. He’s been delivering the latest changes to his chosen games in a personable and understanding way for more than two years, but since planting his flag in Conqueror’s Blade territory his has become something of a vital public service - a semi-official way for players to get to the fundamentals of what’s just changed without them having to study the article line by line.

“I started my channel around two and a half years ago” says Evo. “I have always loved history and strategy games and have been producing videos around them, but then about a year ago I found Conqueror’s Blade.” This was at a time when he was looking to charge into a new MMO and was recommended the game by a friend in the closed beta. “I immediately loved the siege battles, dynamic combat and the range of stuff to do” he says, “I’ve been making videos ever since!”

“Anyone who has watched my videos for a while will know I’m a huge Poleaxe fan. With its good damage, heavy armour and badass look it really makes it the perfect fit.”

One of Evo’s first Conqueror’s Blade videos from last year was a critique of the Musket player class, which he questioned at the time to be the worst in the game. However, through a combination of his own open-mindedness and chirpy demeanour, he has been happy to revise his views when others have countered them or as the game has evolved to make them obsolete. Aside from his deep and abiding knowledge, it’s his capacity to not be too peremptory or overbearing that probably explains much of his appeal.

“It’s great when you can help teach a new player a tip or technique to help them progress further or faster than they otherwise would,” he says. “When I started my real end goal was to reach 1,000 subscribers and grow a small community, which I still find quite crazy to have passed!”

Another landmark has been the success of his in-game house on the EU West 1 server, which, being associated with his channel made the rag-tag group something of a target. “It was a tough start going up against some much bigger houses, but after many weeks of tough Territory Wars, we finally managed to capture and hold a village”. Although HouseEvo has now Merged with MoonManor and serves under Cresentine, it’s early achievements are among Evo’s most treasured in-game moments. “It was truly awesome to have ourselves on the map and be the liege of a village.”

As for his channel, Evo has much to be proud of. Siege battles and his beginner’s guide are personal favourites, and he’s continually revising and expanding his output: “Normally I’ll have a bit of a plan of what I would like to achieve that evening, such as level a certain unit, record a video intro section or simply edit some footage together. Some days end up more successful than others but it’s almost always fun… unless I get hit by a ballista!” Or there’s an unexpectedly massive update to summarise and comment on.

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