Siege and Field maps join the battle roster


Two maps are being reintroduced to Conqueror’s Blade as part of Thursday’s anniversary update, Harbour City and Augolia Outskirts. Harbour City, a war-ravaged Siege map, was first glimpsed back in June last year, but it was later withdrawn due to balancing issues. The seemingly more tranquil Augolia Outskirts is a more recent addition that is now joining the Field Battle ranks.

Harbour City (Siege)

Intractable and ceaseless combat is the theme of Harbour City, a Siege map that lives up to the adage of being easy to learn but hard to master. Both sides start along stark frontlines, with an impressive array of options to either breach or hold the smouldering walls of the city. The simple layout is even more deceptive inside the battlements, with barricades that force the attackers to explore the flanks while, while the defenders are able to make use of chokepoints to hold back the assault while counterattacking the centre line.

Changes to the map have been incremental and in favour of the attackers, such as an increased number of Trebuchets and siege ladders, plus an extra minute added to the timer when the first control point is captured. It’s still a tough challenge for an attacking force however, especially now that the defenders can call on one more hero, bringing the max player count to 15vs15. For the full list of changes, check out the patch notes (coming soon).  

Augolia Outskirts (Field Battle)

Augolia is somewhat iconic, being not only the capital of Ostaria, but the host city for the game’s first-ever playable siege battles. Its distant walls will be for some a reassuring and nostalgic presence - a psychological redoubt for the defeated if nothing else.

Augolia Outskirts is a classic Field Battle map in most respects, with its three capture points more-or-less equidistant between the two starting sides, with point B commanding the high ground and providing the focus for the battles. The centre of the map is dominated by a half-built (or half-destroyed - it’s hard to tell) stone folly; presenting a dilemma for both sides: Whether to divide their forces and secure the flanks to gain a more long-term advantage, or to hold the centre and punch out when an opportunity presents itself. Needless to say the line between victory and defeat is a fine one.

Harbour City and Augolia Outskirts will be accessible via the in-game Battle menu (press J) from June 4th. See you there!