Boost your Battle Pass with up to 40% off Bonds of Service!


Update: Check out the video added below!

With the Battle Pass, you can earn over 100 tiers of rewards exclusive to Season III: Soldiers of Fortune. Cosmetic Attire, weapon skins, and even the new Maul weapon class can be unlocked throughout the new season, and now it’s even easier to push for bigger and better rewards.

For a limited time only, save up to 40% when you purchase Bonds of Service from MY.GAMES Market! When activated, one Bond of Service grants you 5,000 Glory and raises the Nobility tier of your Battle Pass. If you don’t have the Season III Battle Pass yet, it’s available for a 35% discount too!





Season III Battle Pass


Access to premium reward tiers (depending on Nobility level)

€6.50 / $6.50

x5 Bonds of Service


25,000 Glory

€4.50 / $4.50

x10 Bonds of Service


50,000 Glory

€8.50 / $8.50

X25 Bonds of Service


125,000 Glory

€16 / $16

X50 Bonds of Service


250,000 Glory

€28 / $28

x100 Bonds of Service


500,000 Glory

€60 / $60

Boost your Battle Pass during Season III to get incredible, season-exclusive rewards like the Knights of Sicania Unit Attire, Umbra Horse Attire, and the blazing Phoenix Aurora Hero Attire!

IMPORTANT: Each bundle, including the Season III Battle Pass, can only be purchased once per character. Bonds of Service can only be activated during Season III.

The Bonds of Service bundles and Season III Battle Pass will be discounted on MY.GAMES Market until June 17 at 17:00 CEST.