It’s not every day you celebrate your first anniversary, so we’re going all out. As a token of our thanks for playing Conqueror’s Blade over the last year, we’re kicking off our Year One festivities with a host of in-game boosts and bonuses, plus a daily login event where you can unlock Paladin’s Hero Attire! Hit the battlefield to enjoy the boosts and bonuses before June 18 at 23:00 CEST, and claim your free gifts from the daily login event before June 25 at 23:00 CEST.


  • Enjoy 30% extra Bronze, Honour, Hero and Unit XP from matchmaking battles!
  • With no need to repair Unit Kits in matchmaking battles, your soldiers are safe from harm.
  • Accumulate up to 50% more Honour, with the weekly Honour limit raised from 20,000 to 30,000.


From now until June 25, get up to 15 days of free gifts for every day you log in to Conqueror’s Blade. Log in on at least 15 of the event’s active days to ensure you can claim all the available rewards! The coveted Paladin’s Hero Attire and an exclusive player title await on Day 15, so play every day if you want to unlock everything!

Day 1

  • 1x Random Rare Artillery Chest
  • 5,000 Bronze Coins

Day 2

  • 1x 10-Battle Unit XP Card
  • 5,000 Bronze Coins

Day 3

  • 1x 10-Battle Hero XP Card
  • 5,000 Bronze Coins

Day 4

  • 2x Random Rare Artillery Chests
  • 1x Blacksmith’s Gift

Day 5

  • 1x Treatise
  • 10,000 Bronze Coins

Day 6

  • 10x Powdered Silver
  • 10,000 Bronze Coins

Day 7

  • 1x Weapon Schematics
  • 20,000 Bronze Coins

Day 8

  • 1x Treatise
  • 1x Seasonal 1-Day Doctrine Box

Day 9

  • 5,000 Glory
  • 10x Unit Medals

Day 10

  • 10,000 Glory
  • 10x Unit Medals

Day 11

  • 1x Treatise
  • 1x Blacksmith’s Gift

Day 12

  • 5x 1-Battle Advanced Unit XP Card
  • 20x Unit Medals

Day 13

  • 5x 1-Battle Advanced Hero XP Card
  • 20x Unit Medals

Day 14

  • 2x Treatises
  • 50x Unit Medals

Day 15

  • Paladin’s Hero Attire
  • Year One Player Title: “Devoted Tactician”
  • 5x Treatises

Lots of different Conqueror’s Blade Year One celebrations are running between now and June 25, and we’re also hosting three weeks of amazing offers in-game and on MY.GAMES Market, including new bundles containing the mythical Minotaur Hero Attire. Thank you for playing Conqueror’s Blade, we’ll see you on the battlefield!