Highlighting fief attack level changes


The house level required to attack some fiefs was adjusted in a recent update (May  7, 2020). The changes vary depending on the type of fief and its command over nearby resources, but the overall aim behind them is to reflect the idea that the closer a settlement is to its region’s capital - and therefore the more developed in terms of infrastructure, trade and security the fief is - the more difficult it should be for an attacker to lay siege to.

As a result, we expect to see players more tempted to attack fiefs at the edge of the map, where the influence of the capital is less keenly felt by the local inhabitants - and who might be more accepting of a more hands-on leadership style.

NOTE: Affected fiefs that were conquered prior to the change have today had their attack levels reverted, so as not to exclude the houses that legitimately conquered them. The published changes will be reinstated as it becomes appropriate to do so.

As with all changes, we welcome any and all feedback. You can leave yours here, or via any of our social channels.