Creator Spotlight: ShadeOnline


ShadeOnline has come a long way in a very short space of time, shown by the fact that he has - at time of writing - barely more a dozen videos to his name. What’s impressive, if you care to watch any of them, is that prior to his first for Conqueror’s Blade, he’d never felt compelled to make a video for any game before. “I started recording videos /because/ of Conqueror’s Blade” he says. “I uploaded the first tutorial on March 9, 2020 and my YouTube channel immediately started to grow.” The positive responses since that fateful day have kept him going through the increasingly tough weeks.

Active on the EU West 2 server, ShadeOnline was introduced to Conqueror’s Blade by his brother, DarkAvenger. Shade was hooked on the game immediately and had an instinctive grasp for how the game worked. He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with those in Vendetta, his first house, before striking out with friends and allies to forge a new path. As much as he enjoyed diplomacy and conquest, however, he found that keeping players focused was difficult, especially when it involved moving to new regions. So, he created his first video, in part to keep players informed and enthused. The more they might know about the game, he figured, the more they might want to keep playing. “Since then I haven’t stopped creating - whenever I have the time between family and work life!”

“I like the new Maul class for the brawling aspect and for clearing units, but my all-time favourite is the Glaive: It’s kind of fast, has nice CC and it just looks badass!”

Shade has since roped in his “non-gaming girlfriend” Sunny, who, as well as sharing voice-over duties, has seemingly been infusing videos with some not unwelcome moments of wackiness. As a double act, the pair are funny and endearing, which is unexpected for a type of gameplay video that is typically meandering and humourless.

It’s only when Shade feels he has the knowledge to share that the pair begins work on a new video, and he will only upload it when he is happy with it. As such, ShadeOnline is proud of all his videos so far, suggesting anyone interested in checking them out starts with the subject they are interested in. “If I had to pick a favourite” he adds, “I would say the “Best Units/Which to unlock. Unit Tree Breakdown” since it’s funny with the bloopers included from Sunny and myself.”

When he isn’t making videos, Shade can often be found in-game taking on sieges with his beloved Spear Sergeants at his side and with friends suggesting new ideas for the next tutorial. “I always like to teach people, hence the reason I started with a tutorial video” he smiles.” He aims to keep making them, but knows that he is still learning as he goes - not so much about the game, but about developing his craft as a content creator, an effort he shares with Hjulstad, of whom Shade is a massive fan: “Me and him go back to our  Vendetta days. If I remember correctly, I recruited him when he started playing…. but omg look at him now! He is now my number one go-to guy when I’m not 100% sure about something about the game.”

We’ll be shining a spotlight on Hjulstad soon, who shares a similarly healthy attitude to playing Conqueror’s Blade. “Have fun” offers ShadeOnline as a final thought. “Play this awesome game the way you like to! And don’t take Territory Wars or open-world pursuits personally!”

“A community of Knights United” he adds, “can make the world tremble!”

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