Due to start at 6pm PDT (03:00 CEST) on May 27th is one of the most ambitious duelling events yet to be organised by the player community. Organised and hosted by NA streamer Cobra Commander, the Duel Tournament will be the first player-run event to be set against the backdrop of the Conqueror’s City, with an impressive $1000 prize pool to help focus the minds of the competitors.

What’s unique about the tournament - aside from the unprecedented interest from in-game sponsors - is that combatants will be representing houses as well as themselves, which should lend the event a considerable level of support from all corners of the NA server and beyond. Some houses have been hosting their own tournaments to decide who will be representing them, making Cobra Commander’s Duelling Tournament a grand final, of sorts.

So far represented are Blackshirts, HighTower, LatinWarriors, Goryo, NoctemInvicta, Aegir's Tide, Heretics, Frontier, TheForsakenFew, InfamousMisfits and PastryEmpires. Those interested in representing others can sign up via this page, while those only looking to spectate on the action will be able to via Cobra Commander’s twitch channel. You can also keep up with results when thing kick-off next week.

Good luck to the organisers, the sponsors and all those about to do battle - we salute you all!

Be aware that the Duel Tournament is not being organised or administered by MY.GAMES. Any queries or concerns in relation to participation and adjudication should be directed at the organisers, who have kindly offered their time to ensure a fun and fair time for all.