Boost your Battle Pass and save 30% on attire until May 25!


There are over 100 levels of rewards in Season III: Soldiers of Fortune, and now you can make it even easier to strive for the top of the Battle Pass. From now until May 25 at 17:00 CEST (8am PDT), you’ll receive 50% more Glory from matchmaking battles! Rack up Glory to raise your Nobility Tier and earn season-exclusive rewards like the Knights of Sicania Unit Attire, Umbra Horse Attire, and the coveted Phoenix Aurora Hero Attire.

You can also give your warlords, armies, and mounts a fierce new look with a massive 30% off Attire and Banners from MY.GAMES Market:

Hero Attire

  • Onibi Hero Attire
  • Empyrean Order Hero Attire
  • Solar Order Hero Attire

Weapon Skins

  • Crescent Blood Moon Glaive
  • Knight-Banneret's Heraldry Longsword & Shield
  • King's Justice Poleaxe
  • Snow Leopard Spear
  • Thousand Souls Nodachi
  • Brass Dragon Firelock Musket
  • Sanguine Scorpion Bow
  • Amethystine Shortbow
  • Fiery Wrath Dual Blades
  • Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword & Shield

Unit Attire

  • Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire
  • Fleur-de-Lys Unit Attire
  • Vadászok Unit Attire
  • Eagle Guard Unit Attire

Horse Attire

  • Order Horse Attire
  • Draconic Horse Attire
  • Ducal Horse Attire
  • Kiralyi Horse Attire
  • Chivalric Horse Attire


  • Fort Lothar Banner
  • Radiant Sun Banner
  • Holy Mountain Banner
  • Chivalry Undivided Banner
  • Winged Hussars' Banner
  • Great Lion Banner
  • Twinned Trident Banner

The 50% Glory boost and MY.GAMES Market sale are active from now until May 25. The Season III Battle Pass is available to purchase from MY.GAMES Market and Steam.