House Profile: MoonManor (EUW1)


QueenCrescentine is the founder and leader of MoonManor, as well as its house siblings (MoonHouse and MoonDojo) in the Lunatic alliance (Luna-tic, geddit?). So successful has the house been at recruiting new members that a Moon Academy has also been established to help new players ease into their new feudal lives!

How did you personally find out about Conqueror’s Blade and what was it that attracted you to the game?

I am a streamer ( and I was sponsored to stream the game several times in the past. I got my community hooked and I haven’t stopped playing since! I have always been a fan of medieval strategy games and I feel Conqueror’s Blade is the ultimate medieval strategy MMORPG because you actually need to do diplomacy and war with real people and that makes it so unique and exciting!

Why did you decide to set up MoonManor?

The original MoonManor was inspired by my Twitch stream’s dedicated Discord server and MoonHouse was a text channel in that server. The idea for MoonDojo came recently when we got more and more recruits. Since I was the streamer that introduced the game to everyone, I made the house. It used to just be for fun but our house has grown by a lot ever since and the community has evolved outside of my stream.

What do you think makes your house different from those around you?

A lot of players and other house leaders have told me that it’s really rare to see a female liege leading a big house and alliance in the game. This brings a very motherly vibe to the house and alliance. I’m always there to calm the others when things get heated in battle or diplomatic relations. We are also very community-centric, we prioritize the person over the player which is why we have a lot of different levels in our house and we try our best to make each and every person feel included like family and not just pieces on a chessboard.

What have been your house goals and how have you met them?

When I started out in the game, I would have been happy to bring at least 10 people to Territory Wars but now we are recruiting to full capacity and having fully active members, which has been our dream from the start. This was possible because of my dedicated seneschal and co-leader, Xarin, who believed in our potential and has never left my side from the start - as well as a lot of our officers that joined us on this journey and never left us along the way.

What has been the most difficult aspect of managing a house - and what has been the most rewarding?

Training, leading, organizing and making new members feel welcome as they start their Conqueror’s Blade journey has always been one of the most challenging parts of the game but seeing them become full-fledged warlords, working together in battle and developing real friendships make me so happy.

In the long term, what does the house hope to achieve?

A big, strong community of like-minded friends and dedicated players that stick together no matter what during times of plenty or famine!

What’s your favourite class in the game and why?

Definitely the long bow because I am an archer in real life. I own two bows, a carbon compound bow and an olympic carbon recurve bow. I sometimes stream my archery training sessions and a lot of people would consider that quite cool.

What is your favourite unit to complement it?

Definitely serfs. Kidding! I love the Iron Reapers, they dish out so much damage and are very tanky at the same time. There is so much I can do with them on the attack and the defense. They are useful for absolutely everything.

Who are your most trusted warlords and what roles do they have within the organization?

I might not be able to mention everyone as it’s a very long list but there is Xarin, my seneschal and co-leader. I have a lot to thank him for because without him, I would have quit the game a long time ago but he kept me going. Did I mention he was also the first place winner of CB’s Christmas art contest last year?

There is also Switcheroo, my seneschal and tech genius. My amazing war commanders Kingfox, RaydanDK, Wallsy, Sylane, Justinian, NutNut and Vadar. My magnificent recruitment and training officers BigMoo, Caligula and GoldenCrow. Special thanks to my arena champion, SpadeSSDD, my bard, Tasner and my jester, verdislio as well as to all my squad leaders and moonlings in the rice fields who are so loyal and committed to our cause!

If someone wanted to join your house or start a dialogue towards trade or establishing a pact, what should they do?

First you must bend the knee, then you can add me on Discord or my seneschals for diplomatic talks: Crescentine#2828, Xarin#4651 or Switcheroo#5346 and for recruitment talks: GoldenCrowTime#5023 or BigMoo#3977

Are there other houses that you admire (friend or foe)?

I would like to give a shoutout to everyone from MoonManor, MoonHouse and MoonDojo, I hope you know I love you guys and to my beautiful alliance partners, StonedCrusaders, Jensaarai and Crestfallen. You’re all breathtaking!

Many thanks to QueenCrescentine for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.