Labour Day Sale and 50% XP boosts until May 8!


Celebrate Labour Day in Conqueror’s Blade with a special in-game event and discounts, running from now until May 8 at 17:00 CEST (8am PDT). There are also two new Banners coming next week!

With a massive 50% extra Hero XP and Unit XP from every matchmaking battle, you can well and truly kickstart your conquest in Season III: Soldiers of Fortune! You can also enjoy 30% off consumables from the MY.GAMES Market, including:

  • Vault Key
  • 10-Battle Hero XP Card
  • 10-Battle Unit XP Card
  • Expansion Permit
  • Unit Training Plan
  • Cross-region Migration Token
  • Martial Arts Manuscript
  • Personal History
  • Horse Trough
  • New Identity Document
  • Scribal Service
  • Personal Storage Expansion

Two new Banners will also be available from the MY.GAMES Market for a limited time next week. Prepare to rally your troops beneath the Peasants' Revolt and Labour Day banners! Stay tuned to our social channels to find out when they’re going live.

The Labour Day Sale and XP boosts will be active until May 8, so make the most of them. See you on the battlefield!