Reckoning is coming, and its hammer will fall upon this land like an anvil. Prepare to face the Soldiers of Fortune, a ruthless army from the land of Sicania, as you smash challenges in the new Battle Pass, earn season-exclusive rewards, and unlock a mighty weapon worthy of the gods. Conqueror’s Blade Season III: Soldiers of Fortune is available to download and play for free today!


The armies of Sicania bring an incredible new weapon to the fray! The Maul is a heavy, two-handed hammer that takes great strength and patience to wield. Its considerable heft can shatter ranks, and easily cleave even the most resilient defences asunder. This is the eleventh weapon class for warlords in Conqueror’s Blade, and we hope you enjoy devising new tactics to attack with or defend against the blunt damage wrought by this brutish weapon!

Unlock the Maul and its skills as a free reward when you reach Nobility Tier 25 on the Season III Battle Pass – no purchase necessary!


Complete Unit Challenges throughout Season III to unlock four new units! The Soldiers of Fortune are merciless sellswords from Sicania, a sun-kissed land where honour and allegiance can be traded away… if your coin purse is heavy enough. They are part of the legions deployed to retake lands lost to the Sons of the Steppes during Season II: Wrath of the Nomads, and they will not rest until their work is complete.

  • Condottieri Guards(Tier 3) - Available from April 21: Veterans of Sicania’s standing armies, these guards are equally proficient in attack and defence. Fearless soldiers, they are often the first to charge into battle and the last to leave.
  • Fortebraccio Pikemen(Tier 4) - Available from May 5: Taking the name of their late captain Mastino Fortebracci, these pikemen are loyal and capable of facing down overwhelming odds. They’re effective cavalry killers, and are crucial components of Sicanian forces.
  • Pavise Crossbowmen(Tier 5) - Available from June 2: Unconventional but effective frontline troops, their powerful crossbow bolts can punch through heavy armour. Their own armour affords them great survivability, with their broad shields providing excellent cover while reloading.

Not only are the sellswords of Sicania fierce fighters, but their innovative military advancements may change the field of battle forever. An explosive new unit type, artillery, is joining the fray as part of the Soldiers of Fortune:

  • Falconetti Gunners (Tier 5) - Available from May 19:Equipped with devastating, gunpowder-fuelled weapons, this is the fire support arm of every mercenary army in Sicania. Renowned as versatile and valuable troops, their explosive firepower comes at the cost of weak armour, so active protection of these soldiers is necessary.

Complete Growth Challenges to temporarily recruit these new units before permanently unlocking them through Unit Challenges. Also, if you missed them last season, the Sons of the Steppes Unit Challenges will also be available for the duration of Season III! The new Unit Challenges will also be made available after the end of the current season.

There’s also a new Mercenary unit that can be recruited in exchange for 700,000 Silver or 4,900 Sovereigns from the Unit Tree:

  • Martellatori (Tier 1):Though not mighty warriors, these hulking builders can push siege engines while easily soaking up damage that would kill lesser men.


Fight. Rise through the ranks. Earn epic loot. The new Season III Battle Pass features over 100 levels of rewards, which can be earned by completing challenges throughout the season, collecting Glory, and raising your Nobility Tier. Season III features a luxurious selection of cosmetic attire from Sicania, including the attire of their most infamous and deadly mercenaries!

Lots of rewards, including the Maul weapon class, can be earned for free during Season III. You can also upgrade your Battle Pass to the premium version in-game, via the MY.GAMES Market, or through Steam to start unlocking premium reward tiers.


Progress through the Battle Pass to collect unique cosmetics only available during Season III. This new Hero Attire, Unit Attire, and Horse Attire is inspired by the Soldiers of Fortune and the land of Sicania. Forged using the most expensive fabrics, precious metals, and other spoils of war, represent the wealth and military might of this vibrant land with seven new attire sets available from the Battle Pass:

  • Crimson Guild Hero Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 1): This garb is worn by members of a small band of mercenaries. Sanguine like the Sicanian sunrise, their fabrics are symbolic of their bloody knifework.
  • Cerulean Guards Unit Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 20): The garb of elite Sicanian soldiers. Their feathered hats are a token of their devil-may-care attitude, and offer some protection against the heat of the Sicanian sun.
  • Umbra Horse Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 35): Like the darkest shadow cast by an eclipse, this attire was crafted for the steeds of ruthless Sicanian sellswords who dealt death in darkness.
  • Forza Bruta Hero Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 50): Thick to the point of near-impenetrability, Sicanian mercenaries send forth maul-wielding brutes clad in this imposing armour to shatter enemies’ morale and defences.
  • Knights of Sicania Unit Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 70): The greatest of Sicania’s knightly orders is the “Ordine Militare della Maschera di Ferro”, whose iron masks instil terror in their enemies.
  • Phoenix Aurora Horse Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 85): This attire is as bright and brilliant as a legendary phoenix reborn from ashes.
  • Phoenix Aurora Hero Attire (Unlockable at Nobility Tier 100): Heroes may die, but legends endure through memory and time. This armour was forged using precious war spoils, and set ablaze with the brilliant flames of an undying legend.

Make sure you earn the new Sicanian gear before Season III ends!



The Soldiers of Fortune deal in Barbutes, a jewel-like currency named after the helmet worn by Sicanian pikemen. Collect Barbutes as rewards throughout Season III, then redeem them in the Seasonal Store in exchange for new items! The new Unit and Horse Attires are there, plus an armoury of new skins for every weapon class (including the Maul):

  • Vulcan’s Forge Maul
  • Waning Eclipse Shortsword & Shield
  • Summer's Reckoning Glaive
  • Vespa’s Longsword & Shield
  • Daybreak Brilliance Poleaxe
  • Sanguine Sunrise Spear
  • Luminous Dawn Nodachi
  • Gunsmith’s Dream Musket
  • Diana's Sanctuary Longbow
  • Janus’ Judgement Shortbow
  • Blood and Sky Daggers

Barbutes are also granted as bonus rewards for every new Nobility Tier beyond 100 on the Battle Pass.


  • Complete a new set of 10 Weekly Challenges! You can reset two challenges per week, with new challenges cycling in at 00:00 (server time) every Monday.
  • New players can unlock a free Tier 3 and Tier 4 Unit of their choice through a new login event! Press ‘O’ to access Activities and claim rewards, and start building your army.
  • Unlock new abilities with the Seasonal Doctrine system!
  • Coming later in Season III: Ranked Matchmaking, and the return of the Conqueror’s City!
  • Graphics updates, polishing, bug fixes, optimisations, rebalancing, and lots more.

Check out the patch notes for a full breakdown on everything new in Season III: Soldiers of Fortune. There’s also a series of dedicated articles about the Maul, the Soldiers of Fortune, and Unit Challenges, and more that can be found in the news section.

Reckoning is here. Download Conqueror’s Blade for free, update your game to the latest version through the MY.GAMES GameCenter or Steam, and do battle with Sicania’s finest in Season III: Soldiers of Fortune!