We’ve talked about the brand new hero class and the units and challenges that will be arriving next week, but not so much about the rewards for progressing through the new season. Until now.

As with Season I and II, you will be able to earn Glory points for taking part in battles and from completing Challenges. The more Glory you amass, the higher your Nobility tier and the more rewards you can claim throughout the season. Those rewards range from Bronze chests and Battle Relics to more exclusive items, such as cosmetic armour and tokens you can spend in the Seasonal Store. For Season III, these tokens are called Barbutes.

For each Nobility tier, there are two levels of reward, one that can be claimed by everyone, and one that requires you to have a Season III Battle Pass. As you can see from the table below, Battle Pass rewards are more numerous, but the best stuff - such as unlocking the Maul at tier 25, as well all its schematics - do not require you to have a Battle Pass. If you decide later in the season that a Battle Pass is more worthwhile, you will, of course, be able to claim all the rewards up to and including your current Nobility tier.  

Free Pass Reward Nobility
Battle Pass reward
  1 Crimson Guild Hero Attire
Patrician’s Endorsement
(50% Glory bonus during Season III)
1x Little Chest of Bronze 2 30x Barbutes
  3 30x Barbutes
3x 1-Battle Hero XP Card 4 2x Little Chest of Bronze
  5 1x Random Uncommon Artillery Chest
1x Uncommon Honour Medal 6 30x Barbutes
  7 1x Little Chest of Silver
60x Barbutes 8 30x Barbutes
  9 15x Rivets and Fasteners
1x Battle Relic 10 1x Treatise
3x Unit Medals
... ... ...
Maul unlock 25 30x Barbutes
... ... ...
Gilded Hero Title 50 Forza Bruta Hero Attire
40x Barbutes
... ... ...
Soldiers of Fortune Weapon Choice Box 70 Knights of Sicania Unit Attire
50x Barbutes
... ... ...
30x Barbutes 100 Phoenix Aurora Hero attire
50x Barbutes

Please note that if you have a Battle Pass from Season I or II, it can no longer be used to claim rewards. Furthermore, unused tokens - Conquest Tokens (Season I) and Fangs (Season II) cannot be redeemed once the respective season is concluded. Only items acquired with seasonal tokens can persist.