Some of the most intense battles of Season II’s climactic campaign were fought in and around the Conqueror’s City, but even though its gates are now shut and it’s battlements secured, that doesn’t mean that it should remain entirely off-limits. So, while we await a new round of seasonal hostilities, we thought we’d add it to the Siege battle roster. Those of us with no hope of ever fighting for the real thing can see what all the fuss is about, while those eager for Season III to get going can keep their swords sharp in the days ahead.

While Conqueror’s City features all the elements of a classic Siege battle, the map itself is little different from others in the roster. For both sides the initial frontline is very narrow, playing more like a classic assault-style map as forces try to bludgeon their way up the steep concourses to fight along the palatial battlements. As befitting its status, it’s a map that rewards teamwork, skill and determination rather than lone wolf-style opportunism, so be sure to have a plan if you later take your Siege experience into the coming season!