Easter 2020: Hop into Battle with a Bunny Helm and Free Banner!


Spring is a time for new beginnings. Crops grow, newborn animals wake to a bright new world, and warlords discover new roads to travel as winter’s icy grip thaws. It’s also an eggcellent occasion to dress up, and add a splash of colour to your armoury!

Celebrate Easter in Conqueror’s Blade with a new banner and headwear! The Easter Bunny Helm won’t enhance your hearing, but its long metal ears will surely make you the standout of any battle. You can also rally your troops beneath the Promise of Spring Banner, symbolically emblazoned with a rabbit clutching wheat beneath a golden springtime sun.

The Easter Bunny Helm and Promise of Spring Banner are available in-game and from the MY.GAMES Market for a limited time. You can also claim one free Promise of Spring Banner from the MY.GAMES Market!

A Promise of Spring Banner

FREE (one redemption per account)

150 Sovereigns / €1.50 / $1.50

Easter Bunny Helm

980 Sovereigns / €9.80 / $9.80


IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Units, and Horses in Conqueror’s Blade is purely cosmetic, and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.

Get the Easter Bunny Helm and Promise of Spring Banner from the MY.GAMES Market before April 21!