We’re happy to announce that after almost a month of timed slaughter, we can reveal the winners of the Rebel Camp Speedrun competition that concluded on Friday.

Teams of three were tasked with tearing through Rebel Camps, a simple objective for which the five fastest would be rewarded.

  • 1st Place: Team PvE (EUW1) - 30-days Premium Status, 1100 Sovereigns, 1x 10K Silver
  • 2nd Place: Team Random (EUW1) - 30-days Premium Status, 525 Sovereigns, 200 Sovereigns
  • 3rd Place: Team Pudding (EUW1) - 1100 Sovereigns
  • 4rd Place: Team Cutthroats (EUW1) - 525 Sovereigns 7-days Premium Status
  • 5rd Place: Team NoTi (EUW1) - 200 Sovereigns, 7-days Premium Status, 10x Unit XP Card

Our thanks go to Shou and IceEagle for organising and administering the competition, on whose behalf we’d like to thank everyone who took part and congratulate all the winning teams.