Season II is officially over, which means all its associated challenges and forms of progression are now locked (Glory, Battle Pass, Seasonal Unit unlocks, etc). For the time being, Fangs are still legal tender in the Seasonal Store and Territory Wars will continue to break out at the usual times (though away from the Conqueror’s City), which puts us in the post-Season II period, a time for spending the season’s riches and reflecting on recent glories.

… Join us then in raising a cheer in celebration of Season II’s champions; those brave and persistent houses that won the Conqueror’s City when it mattered most - at the very apex of the season - and whose battle-weary warriors are now marching back to their homelands, first to celebrate victory and then to prepare for the seasons still to come.

Conqueror’s Blade Season II winners

Europe West


(Friendly alliance)

Europe West 2


(Firenation alliance)

Europe East


(KingdomExiles alliance)

North America


(Defiance alliance)