Hunt the April Fools


The first day of April is traditionally when towns and villages let loose their pranksters, for them to roam the countryside inflicting their tasteless jokes on the local population. This year the comedy culprits are organised and we need you to go out and gather the evidence needed to help convict them of their crimes against light entertainment.

To win an exclusive hat for your hero, all you have to do is find a fool (also known as a Conqueror’s Blade Community Manager), take a screenshot of them and post it to our Discord channel and we shall try to round them up. There is a limited supply of headwear, which will be equally distributed among servers and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Who? [CM] Kaeden, [CM] Chibs, [CM] Ishtrall [CM] Pablovanu and [CM] Kageneko.
  • When? Wednesday 1st April, from 17:00 CEST and (NA only) Friday, April 3 from 1pm PDT
  • Where? EU West 1 (17:00 CEST), EU West 2, and NA server (1pm PDT, April 3)

Good luck and have fun!