April Fool’s Day: Play the Fool with a New Headdress and Masque!


April Fool’s Day is a time which can turn typically stony-faced conquerors... silly. In the past, we’ve received reports of soldiers switching out their commander’s arrow quiver with a sheaf of eels. Warlords have been led on merry chases by rivals, only to find themselves in the midst of a ruthless egg-flinging ambush.

Not this year! It’s time for you to play the fool, with brand-new cosmetic items available in-game and from the MY.GAMES Market for a limited time! Laugh off the pranksters with the Unholy Fool’s Headdress, highly distinctive headwear inspired by the garb of royal jesters. If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, inspire your warlord with the comedic and tragic duality of the Commedia dell’arte Masque.

Unholy Fool’s Headdress

700 Sovereigns / €6.99 / $6.99

Commedia dell’arte Masque

400 Sovereigns / €3.99 / $3.99

IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Units, and Horses in Conqueror’s Blade is purely cosmetic, and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.

Get the Unholy Fool’s Headdress and Commedia dell’arte Masque from the MY.GAMES Market before April 15!