FPS mode, VR support and Special Edition headset for 2020!


Ever since Conqueror’s Blade was first made playable there have been efforts to incorporate a first-person mode to allow for a more intense and visceral experience. We’re happy to announce that as a consequence of more recent efforts to adapt the game for a growing number of virtual reality gamers, an enjoyable and competitive first-person mode will be introduced later in 2020 alongside a Special Edition customised VR headset

As well as an optional first-person mode for non-VR gamers, the as-yet-unnamed release will augment Conqueror’s Blade with support for Index, Vive, Rift S and Quest (Link) head-mounted displays, with our intention to later add support for other leading devices through Windows Mixed Reality. The update will be optimised for standing VR, to ensure warlords get some exercise without knocking over their monitors, although there will be a seated option. In addition, we are in discussions with the leading developers of VR APIs for stationary bicycles, so you can experience “riding” into battle - although this functionality remains at an experimental stage due to the injuries sustained by members of the development team when pressing ‘Q’.

We’ll have more on the proposed first-person mode and VR support just as soon as the project lead is able to walk again.