In the wake of this week's climactic Territory Wars event, a number of issues came to our attention that, after some investigation, we narrowed down to the following areas of Seasonal gameplay:

  • Earning Glory in battles
  • Levelling up Battle Pass
  • Using Khan’s Edict
  • Completing Weekly Challenges
  • Completing Attire Challenges

We have already applied a hotfix to all servers, but as a result of the above being especially pronounced for those playing on EU West 1, we have returned the Season's Campaign stage to 4. This means that final Territory Wars battle for the Conqueror's City - on EU West 1 only - will be rerun on Saturday 21st March.

In addition, we’ve had to temporarily disable the “Get” icon on the Campaign screen across all servers. This will be reactivated after EU West 1 completes Campaign Stage 4 this weekend, after which all players will be rewarded in line with their House’s campaign efforts.

The above issues were related to the decision to extend Season 2 to April 2nd. This was necessary to offer some respite to Booming Games, which continues to work under restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we are aware that many players who are now similarly impacted were unduly affected by the above issues, for which we apologise and will ensure do not reoccur.