Formed in the primordial soup of pre-seasonal Conqueror’s Blade, Heretics have recently started to rise up from the melee of Season II to become a cornerstone of the NA’s IronEmpire alliance. We recently tracked down founder and leader Odinn, as he was out and about looking for new members to join the cause.

How did you find out about Conqueror’s Blade?

A member of our Reavers group (from other games) sent me a link and I pre-ordered the Conqueror’s Pack right after. This is the game I wanted for so long, a non-tab targeting, MMO RPG RTS. This is one of the few games where group tactics, training, and quality over quantity can truly shine.

Why did you decide to set up a house?

I have run many groups in different games but I didn’t originally set forth with the plan to start up a house. After being an officer in another house, after persistent calls to "just go start your own house so we can leave" from people, we formed Heretics: We played till the end of pre-season, returning again for this season (Season II).

What do you think makes Heretics different?

We focus on our community being close-knit and more like a family. It’s very common for the leadership to message members to ask how they're doing. Members aren't just numbers to us, they are brothers and sisters forged through bloodshed. Even if it's virtual bloodshed!

This house was founded by Pagan leadership, so we have a very low tolerance for bigotry and culture hate. We play on many different games, still holding our loyalty to the Heretic name. We also have open rooms in our Discord for people not even in our house to group and play with us.

How have you met your goals?

Our goal was to build a force that many would respect with a core of loyal warriors and I would say we’ve met that goal. We have multiple members that have been with us for the entirety of Conquerors blade. We have an extremely loyal group of warriors. As for respect, most of the enemies we have fought seemed to respect our group. We always try to keep battle friendly, often congratulating enemy leaders for their victories, or, if we beat them, ensuring they leave with a positive attitude. For us the glory is the battle. We want other houses to thrive just as well as we do.

What has been the most difficult or rewarding aspects of managing a house?

Managing anything is an extremely time-consuming process. Even a video game group takes time and commitment for it to grow. For me, the most rewarding thing has been the loyalty and care of our members. I’m amazed that I (and Heretics as a group) has had so much support for so long.

In the long term, what does the house hope to achieve?

To continue growing our group and for Heretics to be a name known throughout various gaming communities.

What’s your favourite class in the game?

Poleaxe - it’s the closest weapon class to something a Beserker would wield.

What is your favourite unit to compliment it?

Men-at-arms is my favorite unit and has been since Pre-season. They may not be the best, but with skill and correct use, they always bring satisfaction.

Who are your most trusted warlords?

We have so many trusted warriors in our group. The most notable to bring up would be my co-leaders/Underlordsm, namely Helots and Aloki. If not for Helots returning this season, I would not have had the drive to push our house back to where it is now. Meanwhile, Aloki has been such a positive force for the Heretics to keep pushing on.

Respect must be paid to "El Presidente" SoulKeeper who is no longer with us in CB - if not for his badgering, I would have never have formed Heretics.

If someone wanted to join your house or start a dialogue towards trade or a pact, what should they do?

Join our Discord and contact Helots, Aloki or me (Odinn)

Are there other houses that you admire (friend or foe)?

When we left at the end of pre-season we sent our warriors who wished to stay in the game to the banner of Chaos. While our leadership was away, they lead our warlords to victory, and always showed them great respect and regard.

As for our foes, ChaseGrunt of PrimalMark recently showed us a lot of respect. Even when we were burning each other’s land, we still ended up wishing each other well.

Many thanks to Odinn for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.