50% boosts to XP and Bronze earned from matchmaking battles will now run until the end of the month!

A warlord is no stranger to adversity, but challenging global events affect the best of us. Whether you’re in isolation or just in need of a release, videogames offer a window to another world. They provide a social link to friends, family, and other players like you. Let’s help make the world feel a little smaller and less isolated by playing together!

From now* until March 23 March 31 at 23:59 server time, we’re boosting Hero XP, Unit XP, and Bronze earned from every battle by 50%.

Booming Games and MY.GAMES are working hard to ensure that you can continue to enjoy Conqueror’s Blade during this time. Take care of yourselves, enjoy the bonuses, and we will definitely see you on the battlefield!

(*NA server 17:00 PDT)