As work on Conqueror’s Blade continues to be affected by necessary restrictions at Booming Games, we have decided to bring back the popular PvE events from the Rattan Resistance update.

If you recall, this trilogy of special quests debuted late last year and introduced a new threat to the world calling itself the Sea Raiders; a rampaging army that worked with local rebel groups to try to take the settlements of Fuecheng and White Elk, before being driven back into the sea.

The Sea Raiders PvE quest trilogy will be re-run over the next three weeks via the Battle interface (J), starting today with part one, part two on March 18th and the final episode on March 25th. The rewards for completion are unchanged, but please note that it has been necessary to disable the in-engine cinematics for all three quests.

If you need a reminder of what you’ll be facing, check out the following guides

Part 1: The Sea Raiders

Part 2: The Battle of White Elk Fort

Part 3: Unto the Breach