Conqueror’s City: All you need to know!


The Conqueror’s City, an ancient prize sought by conquerors from far and wide, is almost ready to take. Will you lead your House or Alliance to reign… or ruin? To ensure you’re fully prepared to fight for the City when it launches on March 3, we’ve collected and answered some of your burning questions about Stage 4: Conqueror’s Crown from the Campaign of Season II: Wrath of the Nomads.

How many Territory Wars will take place for the Conqueror’s City?

There will be five Territory Wars, with one taking place every Tuesday and Saturday for the duration of Stage 4: Conqueror’s Crown (which is currently set to last for 17 days). If a House seizes one of the four surrounding gates of the city during the Territory War, they will then be able to attack the inner city straight away.

When will the victors be decided?

The House that claims and holds the Conqueror’s City at the end of Stage 4 will be its sole owners until the Territory War reset, just before the start of Season III (launch date yet to be decided). Past victors will still be honoured in the future through a ‘hall of fame’ on the official Conqueror’s Blade website.

What are the Conqueror’s City rewards for House and Alliance members?

Members of the House and Alliance which holds the Conqueror’s City will receive a special Player Title (available from the character interface), which will be unique every Season. Weekly distributions for the Conqueror’s City are also larger than for ordinary fiefs. Further rewards for Season II will be revealed soon.

What are the Conqueror’s City rewards for House leaders?

Leaders of victorious Houses will receive the ‘Hegemon’ Player Title (this will then become part of the ‘Title’ interface for Houses), which does not grant any additional benefits while applied.

When will rewards be decided and issued?

Rewards will be calculated once Stage 4: Conqueror’s Crown has ended. During Stage 5: Imperial Dawn, which marks the end of the Season II Campaign, we will assess and distribute prizes.

How many Battle Lines does the Conqueror’s City have?

All four of the Conqueror’s City gates have two Battle Lines. The inner city has two Battle Lines.

What measures are you taking to prevent other players taking advantage of exploits?

As always, we will be keeping a close eye on this Territory War and the Conqueror’s City. We take these matters seriously, and if a House’s behaviour proves to be a cause for concern (for instance, working with another friendly House and not fighting), that House will be punished and will not be eligible for any rewards. We recommend that users record or capture footage to submit as additional evidence during the Conqueror’s City event, and report suspicious activity to our Support team if it becomes an issue.

IMPORTANT: Information may be subject to change. Stay up to date on the latest news and developments through the Conqueror’s Blade website and our social channels.

See you on the battlefield!