Map Guide: Lesser Greenpeak Camp (Siege)


The stronghold that guards Lesser Greenpeak was not built for kings or queens, nor as a place to draft treaties or forge nations. It is the seat of a provincial warlord that only lacks for airs and graces where it is made up for in grit and determination. Do not underestimate its owner’s ability to hold their ground by the amount of it beneath their fingernails!


Where most castles and keeps are built within or atop settlements, the fortifications of Lesser Greenpeak are those of a repurposed mining camp. The main shaft, long since collapsed, leads beneath the main structure, around which an impressive two-tiered stockade has been built. The arterial channels that once drained water away from the mine - and, on occasion, flooded it - have become the walkways, although they appear more like trenches from above. Despite it’s rough and ready appearance, however, and a clear lack of homely luxuries for its occupants, the stronghold at Lesser Greenpeak suits its purpose well. Whatever is being stored in those damp underground tunnels to warrant such a structure, it won’t be easy to prize out.


  • The outer wall is too low for siege towers, but is easily taken by using ladders. However, once you’ve gotten a foothold in the camp, you will need to use the wall to support your advance: place your ranged units there to support your advance, as the defenders have a strong position that you’ll need to counter.
  • Beyond the outer wall, there are two areas that might trap your troops: The first is directly after the wall (either side of the main gate) and the second follows the route around Capture Point A. Both can be lethal bottlenecks to be trapped in, as the defenders have only to pack the flanks and station ranged units around the tier that overlooks the capture point. You will need your finest melee units and heroes leading from the front to punch a way through.
  • Taking the first control point is only half the battle, but the second is slightly easier. Even though it’s on the wooden battlements of the main building, there are a number of routes leading up to it - both ladders and stairs. However, the defenders can quickly counter from its main respawn point, so consider cutting off any reinforcements first by attacking via one of the main flanks.


  • Defending well is always about timing: when to rally around fall-back positions and take any opportunities you have to counter-attack when they are most effective. Those positions and opportunities are very pronounced in the case of Lesser Green Peak.
  • Leaving aside the outer wall, the raised area around Control Point A is probably the first best line to fall back to, as it can be supported from the flanks and a raised tier behind.
  • Once A falls, the two flanks need to be held for as long as possible as these are the only routes the attackers can use to get to Control Point B. Use your best units with ranged support, but be prepared to move quickly to support either flank when the attackers switch focus.
  • Point B is a little more porous, but hopefully you have bought enough time to make it hard to take before the clock runs down. Reinforce your troops quickly, perhaps with cavalry, to provide the best chance for your last stand to suceed.