Rebel Camp Speedrun: The winners!


We’re happy to announce that after almost a month of timed slaughter, we can reveal the winners of The Rebel Camp Speedrun competition that concluded on Friday.

Teams of three were tasked with tearing through Rebel Camps, a simple objective for which the five fastest would be rewarded. Their members, times and winnings are detailed below:



Fastest times

Prizes (per players)


Team Kartoffel

Silence, BierNachvier & Cookieflash

3m 10s

30-days Premium + 525 Sov + 10x Battle Hero & Unit XP Card


Team Ice Nation

xxxItachixxx, JgRR & VictorLin

3m 33s

30-days Premium + 10x Battle Unit XP Card


Team Noti

Hempelin, Jaahn & SchattenRalle

3m 48s

525 Sovereigns + 7-days Premium


Team Pouik

Delroo, Muadib & Pouik

4m 00s

525 Sovereigns + 10k Silver + 10x Battle Unit XP Card



Leannah, Mistrzu & PicturePerfect

4m 37s

7-days Premium + 10k Silver

Our thanks go to Shou and IceEagle for organising and administering the competition, on whose behalf we’d like to thank everyone who took part and congratulate all the winning teams.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Rebels, who collectively had to put up with so much death and destruction over the course of the last month. They were very accommodating, we think you’ll agree.