Boost your Battle Pass with up to 40% off Khan’s Edicts!


With Season II: Wrath of the Nomads in its final stages, and there’s not much time left to earn the top rewards from the Battle Pass. If you need a boost through the last leg, you can now save your Sovereigns with up to 40% off a selection of Khan’s Edict bundles, available in-game for a limited time only!

When activated, one Khan’s Edict grants you 5,000 Glory and raises the Nobility level of your Battle Pass. Boosting your Battle Pass with Khan’s Edicts can help you more easily push for incredible, season-exclusive rewards like the Shaman’s Ceremonial Hero Attire!

  • x5 Khan’s Edict: 360 Sovereigns (10% discount)

  • x10 Khan’s Edict: 640 Sovereigns (20% discount)

  • x25 Khan’s Edict: 1,400 Sovereigns (30% discount)

  • x50 Khan’s Edict: 2,400 Sovereigns (40% discount)

  • x100 Khan’s Edict: 4,800 Sovereigns (40% discount)

IMPORTANT: Each bundle can only be purchased once per character.

The Khan’s Edict bundles can be purchased from the in-game Store in Conqueror’s Blade, and are available until February 29 at 23:59 CET.