In days of yore the rank-and-file of an army was often conscripted into service, often by the lure of advanced wages. Unfortunately, prospective soldiers would “take the King’s Shilling” only to find themselves put out of action before they had a chance to spend it.

You’ll be relieved to hear that we have something much more practical for those of you who’d like to rally behind the Conqueror’s Blade cause  - a devastating pair of cannons that will surely deter anyone from ruining your first day on the job.

To be issued with your in-game cannons all you have to do is start following Conqueror’s Blade and then share your interest with friends and followers via our referral page. Both guns will then be locked and loaded to your account, ready to be deployed when the game goes live later in the year.

The more followers we get, the more explosive the launch will be. Don’t delay, sign up today!

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